Patient Testimonials

Kind Words

"A perfect carpal tunnel procedure"

Treatment Received: Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel

I have just recovered from a perfect carpal tunnel procedure. Carried out by Mr Shyamalan. As the incision was kept to a minimum my recovery has been 4 weeks. The first week was rest. Then returning to drive and carry out daily tasks.

Mr S.C

"I am very happy with my treatment by Mr Shyamalan and Kate the Physio"

Treatment received: Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel

Had a wrist fracture and developed stiff fingers afterwards. Was treated with a local anaesthetic needle for finger releases at the palm and joint injections under local anaesthetic for stiff fingers.

Reference treatment of my left hand and wrist. I am very happy with my treatment by Mr Shyamalan and Kate the Physio. It is great to be free of all the pain and discomfort I had been in over the last few months.

Ms M.M

"The treatment was painless and successful"

Treatment Received: Microsuction

I had a build up of wax in one of my ears, and unable to get an appointment with my GP's clinic before I went on Holiday. I contacted the clinic and was seen/treated within 3 days. The treatment was painless and successful. 

The visit was very relaxed, with a small waiting lounge with a tv and drinks available if required. Magazines not to my choice but current.

Total Amount Paid £110
John, UK 

"Found it good value for money"

Treatment Received: Ear Syringing

Had removal of wax from both ears. Used micro suction process. Took about 20 minutes. Found it good value for money. 

Could not wait any longer for NHS appointment to get this done. Been with discomfort and imbalance for two months. Went onto web to find nearest private clinic to me. Very professional, took picture of inside ears before and after procedure. Instant relief. Would recommend to any sufferers.

Sue, UK

"I will come back again"

Treatment Received: Microsuction

I came to the clinic for ear microsuction.

Excellent helpful friendly, professional would recommend this clinic and will come back again.

Total Amount Paid £110
James, UK

"Very happy with service and treatment"

Treatment Received: Microsuction

Audiology appointment with Steven Hale for microsuction Very happy with service and treatment. Hearing restored! 

Convenient as clinic only 15 minutes from aldridge. Easy to access, clean clinic room. Overall, satisfied.

Sue, UK

Excellent and Courteous service - Mrs Watson, Tamworth


Very clean and Welcoming – Mr D, Sutton Coldfield


Had to wait a little time but not 6 hours like at a hospital.


I would be pleased to come again. Very positive experience.


Staff were very reassuring which was what I needed as I was very worried about my treatment.


Staff were lovely and caring, good service, felt comfortable and happy.


First class service – thank you.


"UHBFT has worked in an innovative and effective partnership with the Sutton Medical Practice for over 3 years developing a patient centred service which has achieved the highest possible levels of patient satisfaction whilst maximising clinical quality and efficiency. The partnership with the flagship Sutton Medical Practice provides the blue-print for successful integration between primary and sceondary care." Chief Executive 2010, University Hospital Birmingham