Blood Samples

Blood tests carried out at the centre must be accompanied by a request form which has been signed by a medically qualified person. The following Sutton Medical Consulting Centre blood sample collection and processing fees apply to requests which have been made by a visiting consultant or clinician following your consultation.

Blood Test / Specimen Description Fee
FBC Red/White count From £25.00
U&E Kidney Function From £27.50
LFT Liver Function From £27.50
Ca2 Calcium From £27.50
ESR Inflamation markers From £27.50
CRP Inflamation C Reactive Protein From £30.00
RF Rheumatoid Factor From £30.00
PT Clotting From £30.00
INR Anti Coagulant From £27.50
APTT Clotting From £30.00
Amylase Gall Stones From £25.00
TTGA Coeliac From £32.50
STD Screen Genito Urinary Screen From £30.00
LGV Chlamydia From £37.50
TSH Tyroid testing – basic From £27.50
TSH/FSH/LH/GH Thyroid function combined From £130.00
TSH&T4 Thyroid function From £55.00
TSH/T4 & T3 Thyroid function From £60.00
ALP Thining of bones From £30.00
Ferriten Iron stored From £25.00
B12 Anaemia From £32.50
Testosterone Levels From £30.00
PSA Prostate Cancer From £30.00
CA125 Ovarian Cancer From £32.50
CA19-9 Pancreatic Cancer From £32.50
HbA1C Glucose From £25.00
Hep A Hep A antibody From £30.00
Hep a IgM Hep A Igm From £30.00
Hep B Hepititis surface Ag Screen From £27.50
Hep C Hepititis C IgG Screen From £27.50
HIV x3 tests From £30.00
Urine Urine culture From £30.00
Mycology Culture Fungal infection screen From £32.50
Stool Stool/Faeces Culture From £35.00
NAAT Herpes Simplex From £32.50
CEA Carcino Embryonic Antigen From £30.00
FSH Follicle Stimulating Hormone From £27.50
BHCG Beta Human Chorionic Gondadropin From £30.00
AFP Alpha Feto Protien From £30.00
ANA Lupus Antinuclear From £30.00
RAST Allergy Testing/radioallergosorbent From £35.00
RAST Allergy Testing From £35.00
IgE Immunoglobulin Allergy Testing From £35.00
Swab Culture and Sensitivity From £50.00
Swab Swab for gonorrhoea by culture From £50.00
Swab STDX + Syphilis From £55.00
Swab LGV (chlamydia) PCR From £55.00
Swab Cervical/ liquid based cytology From £63.00