How to Book an Appointment

Appointments can be booked by:

Booking an Appointment – Insured Patients

If you have private medical insurance you will need to contact your private health provider prior to your appointment and check that you are covered for the planned treatment, including your first out-patient appointment. Your insurance company will provide you with a Pre Authorisation Number or Claim Number.

You will need to provide Sutton Medical Consulting Ltd with a membership number and the pre authorisation/claim number at the time of booking the appointment.

Booking an Appointment – Uninsured Patients

We will be able to provide you with the consultation fee on request and if you should need any further treatment, we will be able to provide you with the charge that the centre will make for any diagnostic tests or procedures.

It is important to make patients aware that during the consultation it may be necessary for the Consultant to carry out some diagnostic tests, to assist with his diagnosis. The centre and the Consultant will make a charge for these tests.