NHS E Booking

Sutton Medical Consulting Ltd has established a link with University Hospital Birmingham, City Hospital, Spire Little Aston Hospital and BMI Priory Hospital to provide appointments for New and Follow Up Patients through the e-booking system.

A patient’s general practitioner will explain the e-booking process. The initial appointment will be booked via your GP, NHS direct or via the internet.

Currently the clinics available are as follows.

Ear, Nose and Throat

Plastic Surgery


  • Information to be added.


Speech and Language Therapy

  • Information to be added.

University Birmingham Hospital


  • Service provided by Spire Little Aston, consultants Dr Kumar and Dr Kalkat.

General Surgery

  • Service provided by Little Aston, consultant Dr H Khaira.


  • Service provided by Spire Little Aston, consultants Mr P Sonsale and Mr G Shyamalan.
  • Service provided by BMI Priory, consultants Mr A Moftah and Mr A Wahab.


Chief Executive – 2010: “UHBFT has worked in an innovative and effective partnership with the Sutton Medical Practice for over 3 years developing a patient centred service which has achieved the highest possible levels of patient satisfaction whilst maximising clinical quality and efficiency. The partnership with the flagship Sutton Medical Practice provides the blue-print for successful integration between primary and sceondary care.”