Covid-19 Update

We are pleased to announce that we will remain open as an essential service. Please see below an outline of how we provide our services and most importantly how we will keep you safe.

Sutton Medical Consulting Centre would like to update all GP practices, fellow Independent Healthcare providers, NHS Trusts, and our patients, that our Outpatient Consulting and Treatment services will remain open. This will enable us to offer a much needed health service to both Private and NHS Patients.

The safety of our team, patients and visitors is paramount and we will continue to adapt the centre to meet these safety measures. The centre will seem different when you next visit and new protocols will be in place, this is to protect you and the team.

We aim to keep our wait times low by adjusting the way we work, and the hours we work to meet the needs of our patients.

How patients, clinicians, and visitors, visit the centre will change. In the future you may require a virtual appointment, or a Zoom etc. meeting.

If you do need to attend the centre you will notice changes, for example you will be asked to wear PPE and only be allowed to attend an appointment or meeting by yourself, social distancing rules will also apply.

Booking your Appointment

We will offer various appointment options and the processes will have changed.

We are working with our teams of clinicians and staff to look at how we can continue to offer the services you require and keep you safe, these options will evolve as the pandemic changes and we will keep you informed via email, social media and our website.

Our website showcases all available clinicians and services at the centre with links to their websites for additional help and guidance. Please visit the website for further information or to have a look at what services we provide.

Your appointment in the future may be more suitable to a video/telephone consultation, or you may prefer to be consulted in this way, this is absolutely fine and if suitable the team will be able to book that appointment for you.

Prior to your appointment; it will be necessary for the team to carry out a Covid-19 Pre-Screening consultation, you will either receive an electronic form, email or a call directly from your clinician or a member of the Admin/Nursing team at SMCC.

If you have any specific special needs that require an escort to attend the appointment with you, please let the team know and they will arrange your appointment to meet those requirements.

Your Visit

New Updates – SMCC’s front entrance is now open.

Please remember not to bring a visitor with you, unless you have a special need and this has been agreed prior to your visit. Please think of the safety of others, your visitors will not be granted access to the first floor if we deem the need for them to be there is not essential and they will be asked to leave the building.

You will only need to arrive 5 minutes before your appointment time slot, please wait in your car if you are early.

Please feel free to bring your own Mask/Gloves/PPE to your visit alternatively when you arrive inform the team and they will provide you with; hand sanitiser and the relevant PPE for your visit. When you enter the building you will notice a screened off area when you arrive please only enter the section in front of you marked Sutton Medical, please do not walk Right or Left into one of the two GP Practices that are located downstairs.

A foot operated hand sanitiser is located next to the lift, please sanitise your hands at this station. Then proceed upstairs to the first floor at the top of the stairs bear right and check in at the reception area.

The main waiting area that you are used to sitting in will be closed. You will be greeted by the admin team who will now be seated behind a perspex screen. If you have not returned your paperwork electronically the admin team will provide you with your paperwork, a sanitised pen and folder, and give you instructions where to sit. Your wait time will be minimal.

All seating areas have been sanitised.

We hope these changes do not alter the experience you have with us and whilst change can be challenging, we are sure you appreciate that these measures are necessary for your safety.

Treatments and Procedures

Patients requiring outpatient procedures such as Mole removal, Injections, Hand Surgery or Nasendoscopy etc. will be prioritised in terms of clinical need.

To ensure these procedures are delivered safely, additional pre-screening protocols and enhanced PPE provisions are in place to protect the team and you our patients.

You will be pre-screened at your Outpatient appointment and given further instructions about your procedure.

If your procedure requires you to have an escort when you leave they will need to remain in the car and the team will contact them by phone when your procedure is over.

The team will walk with you to the outside of the building if required, to meet your escort and relay any relevant information to them.

All treatment rooms will be thoroughly sanitised prior and following your visit.

For further details about our services please visit our website at; or email You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Please join our community and spread the word to anyone that may not have access to this information:

Thank you for assisting us with these changes and working with us to keep Sutton Medical, the team, and you, safe and well during this unusual time. We hope your visit exceeds expectations and we look forward to welcoming you soon.