There are a number of ways to pay for any treatment, the two main ones are:

Through private or company supported medical insurance

It is important that you advise and liaise closely with your medical insurance company prior to your proposed consultation. You will need to supply Sutton Medical Consulting Centre with membership details on or before your first consultation and most insurance companies will provide a claim or pre authorisation number which Sutton Medical Consulting Centre and the consultant will require. This should ensure that invoices are processed and settled without question.

Funding your own treatment.

The amount will depend on the treatment required. Details of applicable charges will be discussed with you before treatment takes place. Payment for clinical procedure will be required on the day of treatment. Payment may be made by credit/debit card or personal cheque (accompanied by a bank card).

Consulting clinic charges

May we please advise you that procedures or investigations undertaken in our consulting rooms will incur charges.

The consultant, in addition to his/her consulting fees, may also charge a professional fee for any procedure or investigation that they undertake. The clinic will also levy a separate charge for any procedure or investigation carried out at the time of, or as a result of, the consultation.

Self-funding patients

Once consultation/treatment has been carried out, it is the patient’s responsibility to ensure that full payment is made, both to the clinic and to the consultant. Where appropriate an invoice will be raised for the clinic charges and sent to you in the post, if however you would like to pay your clinic invoice on the day please request an invoice from one of the team.

The clinic is able to accept all methods of payment except Amex for clinic charges. It is not currently possible to pay consultant’s fees by credit/debit card on the day of your treatment. An invoice will be sent to you by the consultant with payment options.

For patients holding health insurance policies

It is important to understand that not all health insurance policies cover the cost of outpatient consultation and treatment. We would therefore advise you to check your personal policy cover with your health insurance company, prior to attending for your appointment.

Please bring all policy details with you, as we will raise an invoice on the day of your appointment and forward to your insurance company for payment. There is a similar procedure in place for most consultants. However, some of our consultants will require payment by you before you leave and if this is the case, an invoice will be given to you to send to your insurance company for reimbursement.

For further clarification please speak to Louise Stockton, clinic manager.