Infection Control Statement

Policy Statement

Sutton Medical Consulting Centre is committed to the control of infection in the building and in relation to the clinical procedures carried out within it.


The senior sister responsibilities are to ensure the cleanliness of the equipment used in the Centre, procedures carried out in the clinic, training of nursing staff with regards to infection control and to ensure reasonable steps are taken to reduce infection risks.


To maintain a clean environment for all staff, patients and consultants so they can attend and work at Sutton Medical consulting Centre. To ensure the following procedures are under taken;

  • Auditing infection control processes
  • Regular walk round spot checks
  • Daily room checks
  • Uphold the uniform policy
  • Ensure there are a supply of PPE in all clinical areas
  • Monitor clinical waste
  • Audit clinical waste
  • Ensure all staff are aware of the sharps policy
  • All staff to undergo training in the Aseptic technique and non- touch technique
  • Ensure the body fluid spill kit is available and all staff aware how to use it
Compiled by: Sutton Medical Consulting Centre
Date: January 1 2007
Reviewed by: Louise Stockton, Consulting Centre Director & Louise Khan, Outpatient Sister
Review Date: January 2020
Date of Next Review: January 2022