Covid-19 Testing and Travel Certificates

We are an affiliated site for; Your GP Circle offering Covid-19 testing to suit your needs. Tests provided by YGPC and carried out by Sutton Medical include the following.

Covid RT-PCR Swab Test Only

Only if you have symptoms or have been in contact with an infected person:

  • Fee: £140 (£10 discount for online booking)

Covid RT-PCR Swab Test and Travel Certificate

Some airlines and destinations will require you to present a negative certificate before flying:

  • Fee: £160 (£10 discount for online booking)

EXPRESS Covid RT-PCR Swab Test with same day results (incl Travel Certificate)

  • Fee: £275

China Travel Package: Express Covid RT-PCR Swab and IgM Antibody Blood Test

  • Fee: £325

IgG Covid-19 Antibody Blood Test (for past infection)

  • Fee: £90

Covid Rapid Antigen Tests (on email enquiry only)

  • Fee: £95