Dr Mark Upol

  • Speciality: general medicine.
  • Sub-speciality: care of elderly medicine.
  • Special clinical interests: collapses and falls, stroke, steoporosis, memory disorders, neurology in elderly, movement disorders, pain management, psycho geriatric medicine.
  • Current NHS and /or university posts: consultant physician at Walsall Manor Hospital
    Year of first medical qualification Qualification: 2000 MBBS, 2009 MD, 2009 MRCP, 2011 MRCP (Geriatric), 2016 FRCP.
  • Current membership(s) of professional, national and regional bodies: Member of British Geriatric Society, Fellow of Royal College of Physicians- Edinburgh Member in MPS.

Professional Profile

I have been a consultant physician in general medicine and care of elderly medicine for five years. I participate in the acute medical rota at Walsall Manor NHS hospital and provide two medical clinics per week. Therefore have extensive experience in managing acute and long term common medical problems and emergencies.

I provide a full range of acute, long term care and domiciliary consultation services for the elderly residents of the borough. I am the lead physician in faints, funny turns and collapsing episodes at the Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust.

I am a strong believer in a whole-person holistic approach to patient’s care and specialise in comprehensive geriatric assessment (comprehensive assessment of older adults). I always putting patients and their families in the centre of the decision making process and helps them to regain control over their lives. I provide comprehensive assessment on multiple medical problems with patient centred model.  My patient’s feedback on independent rating “I Want Great Care” has been phenomenal.

I am the expert in faints (syncope) falls with poor mobility and tilt table testing at the Walsall Manor Hospital. In addition to that movement disorders, memory impairment/confusion, bone health, elderly epilepsy and stoke medicine is my other expertise areas.

I am the lead for adult safeguarding at Walsall Manor Hospital and lead for falls, syncope and tilt table testing.

General Medicine

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