Sarah O’Sullivan

RSCN, SCPHN, CBT Therapist (Bsc.  hons)

Speciality :  Child CBT Therapist

Sub Speciality: Family Mental Health, Adult CBT Therapist

Special clinical interests

Childhood adverse environments, later life mental health

Early identification and early help / prevention

Collaboration with others in education, healthcare, social care, private care to ensure we are all working towards the legal framework of the ‘ working together 2018’ government papers.

Reduction of stigma of mental health and collaboration with ‘Time To Change’ and ‘MIND’ and ‘YOUNG MINDS’.

Qualifications and Memberships:

Registered Paediatric nurse with sick children (RSCN)

Registered specialist community Public Health nurse school nursing (SCPHN) : (BSc hons)

Registered Psychotherapist in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (BACBP)

Diploma in respiratory care of children in the community- asthma, cystic fibrosis, common chest problems in children.

BTEC level 3 In teaching adults

7307 Teaching certification in FE colleges.

Current NHS post:

Working as a CBT Therapist in the NHS, managing a caseload part time hours of  22.5 hrs and in private practice with 1:1 clients or clients in groups.

Year of first medical Qualification:

Qualified as a registered nurse in March 1999 – in paediatrics

Qualified later as a Specialist school nurse in Sep 2012 – specialist community public health.

Qualified later in CBT therapy in October 2018.

Current membership(s) of  British Association Of Cognitive Behaviour Psychotherapists   (BACBP) as accredited.

Professional, national and Regional bodies – Membership of the Nursing, Midwifery Council (NMC)

Professional Profile

Treating patients in the following areas; Paediatrics care from 0-19 years, Special education needs from 0-25years, Children / young adults emotional health and well-being, Safeguarding children, Teaching safeguarding to adults in accordance with the intercollegiate document to all health care staff, so each person is trained at same level, regardless of seniority in healthcare.

Adult care in therapy 18- 80 years plus.

Dealing with the following categories via CBT – depression major / mild Anxiety (GAD) Family breakdown Social anxiety, Early HELP,specific, phobias, Child protection section 17 and section 47, health anxiety case conferences, anger management, OCD, Fears, Exposure Response Prevention, relationship difficulties, Bullying at school / friendship groups, Building self-esteem, cutting down programme of self-harm.

Contact Details:


Email :



Mobile: 07407473735

Personal profile:

I enjoy reading and keeping up to date in professional journals and personal books.

I enjoy listening to various music and like cultural influences of music genres.

I enjoy walking and some weekends, I enjoy going away for walking weekends, doing 7-10 miles per day. I enjoy nature, river walks and lakes and spectacular views.

I enjoy meeting friends / family members for coffee and meals out and hopefully this will be more possible, as we merge out of locked down for COVID19

I enjoy dancing and in particular salsa movement, which I find stimulating and graceful.

I volunteer for my local food bank when I can and I support a Domestic Violence charity who provide toys for children fleeing a domestic violence home scene. So if there are any knitters there, please get in contact with me, so a little knitted bear can go into the packs for the children, who may have lost everything, when they leave a vulnerable and dangerous setting.  So, get in touch if you know someone who knits.

Thanks for looking at my profile.