Self Pay Procedures

Payment plans available on request.

Sutton Medical Consulting charges (excludes consultants fee and histology if applicable. As a guide the standard consultants procedure fee will be the same as the clinic fee quoted below):


Carpal Tunnel £450.00
Chalzion Unilateral £200.00
Papilloma Excision £185.00
Curretage (EYE) £185.00
Suction clearance of middle ear £135.00
Nasoendoscope £160.00
Diagnostic sinus endoscopy £135.00
Diagnostic endoscopic operation of the pharynx £110.00
Laryngoscopy/Endoscopy £210.00
Rigid sigmoidoscopy excluding biopsy £110.00
Release of constriction of sheath of tendon £320.00
Banding on haemorrhoids £210.00
Edometrial biopsy including histology £150.00
Injection into varicose veins of the leg Small area £75.00

Large area £85.00

Injection into hormone £135.00
Injection into intramuscular & subcutaneous £70.00
Avulsions of varicose veins bilateral £250.00
Excision of rodent ulcer £195.00
Excision of lesion of subcutaneous tissue trunk/limbs 3/head/neck over 3 £350.00
Excision of lesion of subcutaneous tissue trunk/limbs 3/head/neck up to 3 £260.00
Excision of BCC excluding histology £300.00
Excision of keloid £300.00
Curretage/Cryotherapy of skin x1 £260.00
Curretage (Multi) £310.00
Shave Biopsy (Single) £300.00
Shave Biopsy (Multi) £400.00
Radiolase ( up to 6 lesions) excluding histology £160.00
Radiolase ( over 6 lesions) excluding histology £190.00
Punch Biopsy £210.00
Resuturing of wound £80.00
Fine needle aspiration £110.00
Apiration of subcutaneous haematoma £110.00
Injection into subcutaneous tissue/painful trigger point £85.00
Introduction of substance into skin excluding hormone pellet £160.00
Dupytrens £450.00
Ganglion £450.00
Injection into joint £110.00
Removal of POP £85.00
Repair of split ear lobe £260.00
ECG Unreported £110.00
Removal of sutures, clips and staples £60.00
Release of constriction of sheath of tendon £320.00
Wound dressing £50.00
Wrist splint £25.00
Proctoscopy £75.00
High arm sling £40.00
Ultrasound Guided sclerotherapy £300.00
Urinary flow test £60.00
Myringotomy (Grommet) £260.00
Skin tag removal – under 3 £185.00
Over 3 £300.00
Nipple alignment £200.00
Amputation of toe £320.00
Histology – CAT A £200.00
Histology – CAT B £300.00
Histology – CAT C £400.00
Total foot care– Detailed examination of feet, trim nails, corns and hard skin, moisturise £43.00
Just Nail care – Correctly trim and file toenails only, apply organic nail and cuticle oil £30.00
Diabetic Foot Examination– Check circulation, neurology and foot health status (no treatment) £25.00
Platinum BMX– Full gait assessment, static, dynamic, video with soundtrack report on stick £110.00
Gold BMX– Active visual dynamic gait assessment without video, verbal report only £65.00
Prescription Orthotics (price reduced by 20% if in conjunctions with Gold or Platinum BMX) £90.00
Verruca needling NB. more than one treatment required (LA) £68.00
Ingrown single toe nail surgery and antibiotics if infected (LA) £220.00
Ingrown toe nail surgery and antibiotics if infected – two toes (LA) £330.00
Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy for Varicose Veins (inclusive of consultant fee) £540.00
Physiotherapy £55.00
Physiotherapy Children £65.00
Physiotherapy Shockwave 40 Minute treatment £75.00
Physiotherapy Acupuncture £55.00

For a guide price for a procedure or treatment not listed above, call us on 0121 308 7774.

Please note the prices listed above are guide prices only, and may be subject to change once your consultant has confirmed the exact treatment you require.