Conditions Treated

  • Hand surgery: minor hand surgery can be performed in the treatment room under a local anaesthetic. The consultant will explain the procedure and follow-up care to the patient.
  • Skin biopsy, excision of cysts and lesions: Skin biopsies are taken for various reasons, some simply to diagnose and enable consultants to treat lesions, others for reasons more serious, i.e. skin cancers and melanoma being the most common. With cyst removal, the objective is to remove the whole epithelial lining because any left behind will lead to a recurrence of the cyst.
  • Curette/cautery of skin: procedures for the curette and cautery of skin lesions are carried out in the treatment room of the outpatient department. Some procedures are carried out to remove small skin tags, others to biopsy lesions.
  • Psoriasis
  • Actinic Keratosis: Aldara™ cream is used in the treatment of ‘actnic keratosis’; also known as ‘solar keratosis’ which describe small skin growths usually as a result of sun damage after exposure over many years.
  • Hair loss in women (after menopause): Plantur 39 is used in the treatment of hair loss in women over 40. It prevents testosterone from attacking the hair roots and restricting the supply of energy.